Russ Thomas
"But still, the fates will leave me my voice, and by my voice I shall be known" - Metamorphoses, Ovid
Critique Services

Prices 2018

Short stories/single chapters:  
             Up to 3000 words             £65.00
             Up to 4500 words             £80.00

Longer pieces by arrangement. Work can be submitted by email or post. I will email (or post) my report back to you by an agreed deadline (usually a maximum of 2 weeks).

Full length manuscripts:

             Up to 100 double-spaced pages       £246
             100-150 double-spaced pages          £288
                151-200 double-spaced pages         £342
             201-250 double-spaced pages         £406
             251-300 double-spaced pages         £480
             Over 300 pages                                        add £1.50 per page
             (Second or redrafted version            as above but with 10% discount)
Appraisal includes page annotation and a written report. For a full-length manuscript, this is usually at least 5 pages. Initially, please contact me using the usual contact form here to express your interest in the service. I will get back to you, usually to request a sample of work and a brief synopsis. This will help me decide whether I am able to take on the work. There is no charge for this initial reading. If I feel I am able to work with the manuscript I will contact you and ask you to send a hard copy by post. The manuscript should be printed on one side only of A4, double-spaced with 12pt font. Please ensure you number the pages.


Mentoring is aimed at writers working on longer pieces of work such as a novel or short story collection. These packages would also suit those who are unable to attend the weekly workshops but feel they would benefit from regular deadlines and detailed feedback. Ideally, we would meet face-to-face for feedback sessions, but if you're not able to get to the Sheffield area, it is possible to do this by phone, email or Skype.

There are 8 submissions of up to 10,000 words over a 12-month period, though this can be flexible. A submission every 6 weeks or so works well. I will provide detailed written comments along with notes and corrections on each submission. This includes a face-to-face tutorial that will last around 45mins -1hour, where we meet up over coffee at a mutually convenient place to go through your work. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and clarify things, and an opportunity for us to discuss your work in depth, including where to go next. This is often where new ideas spring up, apparently from nowhere, so this is definitely the recommended option. However, if a face-to-face meet is not possible, you may prefer to opt for telephone/Skype tutorials, or if you'd rather, I can submit a more detailed written report instead (usually 1-2 pages) with comments and suggestions for development.

I will also email or telephone you once between submissions to see how you are getting on and to help (hopefully) with any problems you are having.

              Full mentoring package: £1920 (£500 deposit on booking, balance due before              third session)
            Mini mentoring package: £960 (4 submissions of up to 7500 words over a 6-8              month period, otherwise same service as above. £250 deposit on booking,                      balance due before second session)

How to submit: Please contact me  here   giving brief details about yourself and the project you are working on. I will then ask you to send me a synopsis or outline, along with a sample of your work (around 15-20 double-spaced pages). This will enable me to decide whether I am able to work with you on any particular project. There is no charge for this initial reading. I will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 7-10 days) to let you know if I am able to take on the work and to arrange the details of your first submission.

If you have any questions or would like to know more:
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